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Menu Makanan & Minuman
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Mie / Bihun / Kwetiau Ayam
Rp 25.000
Choice of egg noodle / rice stick noodle / flat rice noodle with chicken, mushroom and vegetables, served with clear chicken broth.
(extra: wonton or meat balls)
w/ Bakso  Rp 33.000, w/ Pangsit Rp 33.000
w/ Bakso & Pangsit Rp 37.000
Mie / Bihun / Kwetiau Masak
Sold Out
Spicy stir fried egg noodle, miced vegetable and chicken.
Mie / Bihun / Kwetiau Goreng
Rp 37.000
Stir fried egg noodle / rice stick noodle, flat rice noodle with assorted vegetable and egg, choice of chicken, seafood.
w/ Seafood Rp 41.000
Pangsit Kuah (10 pcs)
Rp 27.000
Wonton soup with vegetable.
Pangsit Goreng (6 pcs)
Rp 27.000
Diced beef in black sauce soup served with rice and salted egg.
Baso Kuah (6 pcs)
Rp 30.000

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